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With the new school year so close I want to help empower those who are having to step back into the war zone of papers and public pressure. To empower those who are putting on their fake face in order to be accepted. The ones who plan on disappearing into the crowd and then slip out unnoticed. For all students who feel as if they cannot be themselves, or better themselves, within the critical eyes of  society.

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Challenge yourself to be the better person. Step out of the mind set that you have to be better than the other, start trying to be a better you. Because it’s when you start loving yourself that you begin to accept who you are.

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There is a lot going on in society that I do not agree with, especially when I see how it effects the younger generation. But always keep in mind, we are society! If we want to change the situation, we need to change what we’re doing about it. You cannot tell someone to do something without taking action yourself.


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This is a serious problem, especially with teenage girls. We will get fired up over a person or situation that won’t matter in the long run. The reason that we can make enemies at a rapid pace is because we typically don’t realize that the reaction we give is exactly what the other person wants. Even if we do, often times it just adds to the fire. If specific people come to mind when you read this, try to avoid letting them fire you up. They hold the ignitor, but it does’ mean that you have to burn.

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I am a reserved person. I don’t typically try to over power people, instead I try to take myself out of the situation. Sometimes it’s best, but other times that means that others have had the ability to walk over me. Don’t let them. The mind is powerful, deadly and empowering. You do have the ability to be strong, but you have to believe it.


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Attention, for most people, is the best feeling in the world. Others tell you how great you are or commend the work you’ve done. The emotions you get from attention can be addictive. Soon enough your throwing everything you’ve got out there in order to get that feeling that you love. You feel as if you’re on top, and maybe you are. But here’s the catch: It’s tiring and temporary. Eventually you feel more empty than full and what you did to seek attention no longer works. Life moves on and you’re stuck without any respect to carry through. Moral of the story, never falter for false feelings. Those who respect you will boost you higher, and help you gain success throughout life.

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This can be one of the most painful truths to accept. Always cherish those who you love, or who have stretched you. Remember the lessons they’ve taught you.


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Appreciate where you are in life! Do not race through high school, college, careers, or relationships in order to get to the desired end. When you get there, what are you going to be able to look back on? How did you spend your ride?

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These two quotes can tie together. Stand up against the flaws you see in life. Change what you don’t like and live for what you do. If you cave under each situation, you’ll never be able to stand up for yourself.

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Don’t make excuses for your poor choices. You know when it started as a mistake, and when it turned into a choice.

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So what if they don’t understand? All that matters is you deciding your path, not following someone else’s beaten trail.

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You need time to relax, make it. You need time to work, make it. You need time to rest, make it. It’s as simple as that. Let go of what distracts you and make time for what you need to do.

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Happiness is a choice, not a destination.

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