James 2:19

When you hear or read the name “Jesus”, what comes to mind? Father. Shepard. Christ. All generic answers with a basic depth. What if I asked, “What do you do with the name of Jesus?” Would that get your attention? Maybe some of you would list your prayers or praises. But I didn’t ask what He has done for you, I asked what you do in his name?

James 2:19 “You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that–and shudder.”

I absolutely love this verse. Studies say that eighty three percent of the United States population claim to be Christian, and yet most don’t do anything with it. I used to be one of those people. I was raised in church and so I was part of the church. Automatic Christian, didn’t need a miracle or anything. So you believe in God, now what? Even the devil believes in God, you’re no different. It’s what you do with that information that sets you apart. This verse says that the devil shuddered, he trembled at the name of Jesus! I’m sure memories of the jealousy and rivalry that he created come flooding back. He knows the being behind the name and has chosen how to react.

What about you? When you read “Jesus” do you know Him? I don’t mean the basic Bible stories you grow up with. I mean the man behind the name. Fake faith leads to failure. If you cannot give a deeper meaning to that name, then you are standing in shallow waters. Even the devil believes more than you, because he chose to know Him before making his choice. It’s not enough to say that you believe, maybe even go on a few mission trips or do community service. Without reading the word and understanding its message, you are nothing more than a false believer. Faith is believing in something that you cannot see, but if we can’t see your relationship with the father then who are you to tell us wrong? I am tired of people arguing over facts that they themselves don’t even believe or know. Because if you knew the God I know, then you would be more concerned about that person rather than their opinion. Stop wasting your life proclaiming a half belief. Even the devil knows better than that. If you have accepted Christ, then show it. It’s better to be all the way hot or all the way cold then to stay lukewarm. Room temperature does nothing. It’s when you change the atmosphere that results start to form. When your faith becomes stale, your life will lose its flavor.

An experience I had with lukewarm Christians was during a spiritual preparation. Prayer walks are so amazingly powerful and effective when there’s a decent amount of people all working towards the same goal. We cover more ground by splitting up and moving the spirit all throughout the room. It’s a beautiful feeling to know that others are declaring victory all at the same time. In my case, I could tell that not everyone was comfortable with this practice. Where these lukewarm people we once laughing and praising God profoundly, once we began to step into our relationship with him they froze. Yes, they believed in God, but they never learned how to have a real relationship with him. They acted like his advertising team, but didn’t seem to view him as a close friend. Because of this, they we unable to truly participate in the bigger picture. It wasn’t that they were doing anything wrong, but they didn’t have the faith to follow through.

So who believes more, the devil or you?

Psalm 46:10

It seems that as life goes on we are taught one thing: to make good use of our time. This applies in work, school, or just everyday life. Whatever we choose to do will require us using our time. My mother has always stated that life is short, and she’s right. Because of this reason I have always felt the need to cram as many activities and hobbies as I can into my lifestyle. I want to live life to its fullest and have as many experiences as possible. My schedule is always packed! I run into town everyday for school, church, music, art, youth, friends, and much more. Since I’ve become so used to running around, I often feel that I need to be doing everything. I strive to be wonder woman, accomplishing all tasks whether big or small, spiritual or physical. I can handle anything and everything life throws at me.

The truth is that for a short time, I can do these things. But after a while I begin to slowly deteriorate into a depressed and disappointed mess. When this happens, I begin to create masks in order to fool everyone into thinking that I am fine. The reality is that I am holding in my problems in order to spare others from thinking less of me. In actuality, people look up to those who are true to themselves. How can you follow a leader who doesn’t lead with his/her true colors? No one can do everything on their own, thats why you have a diverse team of friends to help pick you up when you stumble. Maybe all you need is a word of encouragement, or a small loving gift to get you through the day.

The biggest gift and stress reliever is the fact that Christ can help you to walk in peace. Not just sit for a while and then be forced to get back up, but actually continue walking in perfect peace. There’s no backtracking or having to act fake, because the more you rely on Him, the lesser the load you have to carry. This doesn’t mean that your life is automatically perfect, it just means that you can work towards having a shield of peace wherever you go.

Recently I have been bombarded with attacks from the enemy, from medical issues to spiritual resistance. My leadership program has helped me straighten out the “holy clog” that I had developed, and with that came a new look to my wonder woman standard. Sometimes God needs you to take a break. I mean a true, cancel all plans break. Love can flow through you and into others, but how can you keep giving if you haven’t taken time to be filled yourself? I feel like this is especially important to people like me who are so used to doing something that they cannot just do nothing. God loves to create something out of nothing, the story of creation shows us that. So what do you think would happen to if you decided to let God speak when you were taking the time to rest?

Because of all this, I have decided to cancel an upcoming missions trip to NYC. I’m not encouraging everyone to cancel something big, just to ask God what you can give up in order to gain more. I know personally that I need to receive more than give right now, and that’s okay. I believe God needs me to stay behind so that I can get back on track with His perfect peace. He wants me to be still, and wait for His word. Because I can’t do everything, but in my weakness God is there.

Psalm 46:10 – “Be still, and know that I am God”